A pleasant scent will enrich your heart and mind.

If one person is in sound condition, the group will be in good condition and

society will be better place.

Create scent touch points

Mission & Vision

Bridge and Blend diverse cultures, and create new value "innovation".
 The colorful smoke envisions this mission and vision.


Hiro Nakayama

Scent Communicator

Hello, this is Project Felicia representative Hiro.

We witness that the sensory marketing using our five senses - sight, hearing, taste,  touch and olfactory, is demanded in s stressful society we live in.

From my own experience that my sense of smell weakened due to excessive stress without knowing, I realize that scent facilitates our life and enriches our heart and minds. Since then, I have been pursuing the possibility of "scent" every single day.


Through scent, Project Felicia focuses on our “sense of smell”, which we usually use subconsciously, fosters rich sensibility and creativity. It also communicates the relationship between people and fragrance ingredients, as well as the importance of the natural environment. "Scent" is very important for us to live.


In our brain system, there is the limbic system – the part of our brain that we use to feel, or our “feeling brain”. Another part of our brain is the cerebral neocortex – the part that we use to think, or our “thinking brain”. The feeling brain is concerned with memories and emotions, and controls behavior based on our instincts for food and safety. Among our five senses, only the olfactory reaches this feeling brain directly whereas other senses go to the thinking brain once information is perceived by sensory organs.


Any stimulation by olfaction that feels “comfortable” encourages the secretion of neurotransmitters that make us feel happy. By experiencing the comfort of scents and understanding how to be comfortable with the scents, we develop the ability to feel gentle toward people, and overcome everyday stress. When we feel comfortable, we can accept ourselves and those around us openly.


Project Felicia believes that if one person is in sound condition, the group will be in good condition and society will be better place.


Therefore, we create scent touch points through event planning, sales and marketing and product development.


Please feel free to contact us about how we can help you leveraging scent for your business.



Branding with
scent space design

Olfactory that reach directly into our feel brain, deeply affect our memory, vividly evoke our memory, it works on our emotions and behavior unconsciously.


We show strong branding effect through "smell".

Creating a worldview with original fragrance

The fragrance can be integrated with anything, from perfume, consumer goods such as shampoos and softeners, to candles, diffusers and other products that create a fragrant space, as well as incense that plays an active role in air care and interiors.

Planning experiential event with scent

By actively experiencing the "sense of smell" that you usually use subconsciously, you can further enrich your sensibility and creativity.


It is used in workshops, seminars, exhibitions and corporate training like team building.


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Project Felicia LLC


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Hiro Nakayama


February 14, 2013


Scent-related, Event, Marketing, Consulting, Import/Export







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