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From product development with original fragrance to distribution

Perfumes, consumer goods such as shampoos and softeners, product that scents the space such as candles and diffusers, even incense that plays an active role as an air care and as an interior,

the fragrance can be integrated with anything.

Niche Fragrance Brands

We support niche fragrance brands find distribution channel internationally.


Tallulah Jane | Nomaterra | Code Deco | aroma M | Josh Lee Fragrances | Bleulight | Singapore Memoire | Privato | Rania Hasna, etc.

Product Development
Perfume | Incense | Scented-item

We support businesses develop product with original scent.


  • Incense Making Kit  

  • Japanese incense created from the world's  ingredients 

  • Olfactory Monitoring

Sensory x Digital

We aim to promote the digital transformation of the world of scent by planning projects that fuses scents and digital. By utilizing a digital platform, we design personalized user experience by scents, and add olfactory elements to sight and other senses to develop scents that increase a more authentic virtual reality.



  • VR project with scent

  • AI project to propose personalized user experience by scent

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